Maria Esdale Farrell

Maria and 5 of her children

Who I am...

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about who I am  and why I feel I am the best candidate!  As a dedicated and hard working mom of 6 children (ages 10-30),   I know the importance of a strong, diverse, clean, safe, healthy and active community.  As a first generation American and lifelong resident of District 5, I have fought to make our neighborhoods better for all  residents by working to improve our schools, volunteering in community programs, collaborating with local businesses, and serving those who are struggling and in need.  I believe it is crucial that we elect leaders who truly understand the community they represent and have the capability of providing BALANCED leadership.  As a witness and participant of the changes and growth in our city, my historical knowledge and  personal experiences have given me the unique lens to truly understand the struggles families face raising their children in Boston.   

My Backstory...

I live in the house I grew up in, now for almost 50 years! I have been actively involved my entire life, as a "neighborhood kid" ,  student, parishioner, volunteer, coach, organizer, leader, advocate but most importantly as a mom.  I have been advocating for my 6 children who have all come through or are still in Boston Public Schools.  

While as a young adult after graduating from St. Clare High School in Roslindale,  I had big dreams to work for NASA.  So I went to Bridgewater State University to achieve my degree in Aviation Science.  As many know, sometimes "life happens" and you follow a different course.  I became a single mom of 11 years before I met my husband.  After I married and built upon my family, we made the decision that my time would best be spent at home with my children, advocating for a quality education, and building community so we could enjoy our life here in Boston. 

Why Run For City Council? ...


I’m running for this seat because I am truly worried about our future and that of District 5 as it’s more important than ever to have someone with historical knowledge, common sense, and balanced leadership on the Boston City Council. 

As a BPS parent, education advocate, and community activist, I believe and will fight to ensure that every Bostonian has access to great schools in their community, safe and clean neighborhoods, and effective, responsive City services that improve their daily lives.  

This is Maria and friends of the Roosevelt outside a Boston Public School Committee Budget Hearing

Making it Happen in our Schools

 I have been MAKING IT HAPPEN in our schools for the past 13 years.  As a mom of six Boston Public School students, I have the knowledge and the personal stake in our schools that is needed to help our kids thrive. 

  • When we wanted a more continuous educational experience for ALL our children, we worked hard,  advocated, collaborated and expanded our school to a full inclusion K8 community school.  
  • When our schools needed organized leadership, direction and advocacy I became an elected chairperson of  the School Parent Councils (SPC's) and School Site Councils (SSC's) of both the Roosevelt K8 and John D. O'Bryant Schools.  (I am a current SSC member of the Murphy K8 School).  
  • When the families of our school wanted more educational and enrichment opportunities we partnered with the community and local businesses to form the "Friends of the Roosevelt" and raise thousands of dollars to create and sustain a more fulfilling experience.
  • When our schools were facing constant budget cuts and deterioration of the programming we built, I joined with others parents to help resurrect the Boston Public Schools City Wide Parent Council (CPC) to fight against budget cuts in ALL our schools and advocated for a higher quality educational experience for ALL!  
  • When the O'Bryant school was struggling to perform better, I helped to form an Innovation Development team so we could provide a better and more competitive educational experience for more than 1000 exam school students.
  • As my work in the schools (as a volunteer) was proving to be successful, I was offered a job in Boston City Council as an Education Advisor.   I have been advocating and helping families, teachers, school staff and administrative leaders as well as collaborating with BPS Central Staff successfully for the past 5 1/2 years. 


Making it Happen in the Community

 I have been MAKING IT HAPPEN in our community my entire life!  As part of a family who was raised in the tradition of giving, it was only natural that once I aged out of a program,  I then turned around and became a volunteer for those who came after me.  When I wanted something for my family or community that didn't exist, I simply found a way to create it and MAKE IT HAPPEN! 

  • When in my early 20's, Hyde Park Pop Warner lost "Mr. Q",  its leader of 25 years, it struggled to survive.  I organized an official governing executive board, created organizational by-laws, worked to gain financial stability for the program, encouraged (new for the program) educational training for our coaches, Chaired the Cheer program, coached various levels and grew the program for well over a decade.
  • When coaching Hyde Park Youth Hockey Pee Wee's, I saw an opportunity to create the first all girl team for our league so I continued to enhance my coaching certifications,  advocated, recruited and coached Hyde Park's first U14 Girls Ice Hockey Team and Dry Land training program.
  • When searching for more opportunities to build community and help families in need of after-school programming,  I advocated and began a Cub Scout and Girl Scout program at my children's school.  Our success earned me the honor of being awarded as " A Woman Amongst US" by Boston Women's Inc.
  • When trying to find a way to grow love and appreciation for arts and use it as a tool to bridge businesses, arts organizations and  the youth in our school  community, I helped to found the Fairmount Arts Collaborative with a grant from the Boston Foundation.
  • When looking for a way to bridge generations of parishioners and encourage family involvement, I created a Hospitality Team at my parish collaborative.